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St. Paul's Roof Project

Dear Friend of St. Paul’s,


At the Annual Congregational Meeting this year we viewed a comprehensive presentation from Great Lakes Roofing.  They had been asked by the council to inspect all of our roofs and present us with a plan to address leaks, maintenance and needed repairs.   The 87 + year old slate roof over the sanctuary was deemed to be beyond repair and needed to be replaced which can be done in phases.  Other areas will need repair and are less critical. The most pressing areas were the southeast corner steeple walkway/parapet, the roof area above the narthex and the east transept, and all the roof ridges.  At the Annual Congregational Meeting the congregation voted to contract with Great Lakes Roofing to do this first phase repair and replacement work for $25,000. 


This project will be completed soon and we will need to pay for this phase of the roof project.


As we continue to discern where God might be leading us, we have begun a project to strengthen the foundation upon which so much ministry has been built.  The complete repair and replacement of our roof is projected to cost approximately $150,000. As resources develop we will continue to repair the roof and other aspects of the building so that we have a place to continue to spread the Good News of Christ.   


We hope and pray that you can support this project through completion, as with your help we invest in the future that god has in store for St. Paul’s.   


Enclosed you will find a return slip and return envelope to indicate what you would like to contribute to the roof project, either as a one-time donation or a pledge.  You may also use our online giving application, Tithely.com found on our website, just chose the “Roof Fund” option. 


Thank you for your consideration, generosity and your investment in this ministry.


Interior Damage to be Repaired Once First Phase is Complete